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No cost service that helps developers with little or no hosting experience grow their earnings from current and future clients. Provide more complete solutions to clients while maintaining your own brand identity. Our private label hosting enables you to expand your web development service to also include hosting, cloud servers, and custom network architectures.

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Free managed services integrated with your brand, process, and clients. No upfront costs.

When you sign on to Legacy Private Label, you build on our hosting expertise under your own banner, which allows you to maintain your brand while leveraging our know-how. We manage server setup, deployment, and provide 24/7 support for your clients, enabling you to concentrate on your core business. As a partner, you also get access to free development servers to use while building out your projects.

In short: With Legacy Private Label, you benefit from our technical proficiency, streamlining the expansion of your services and enhancing your revenue potential. And unlike other reseller hosting providers, Legacy Private Label comes with no upfront costs.

Free Dev Servers

As our partner, you get free access to our robust network of development service to use for your development environment – throughout the life of the partnership.

No Upfront or Hidden Fees

Unlike other reseller hosting providers, Legacy Groups offers private label at no upfront cost and no hidden fees. Our partners only get cash flowing in, never flowing out.

New Revenue Stream

Legacy Private Label enables you to upsell your existing development services by leveraging our hosting services.

Access to all Major Platforms

Our team deploys server architectures across all major platforms – including, but not limited to: Azure, AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Oracle, IBM. This offers you the flexibility to integrate your projects where they fit best.


No limitations to simple website and applications. With Private Label’s wide range of hosting platforms, you get your pick of the best scalable solutions. And with complete technical support, your headaches do not scale with your applications.

WHMCS & cPanel Included

As our Private Label partner, you get access to your own WHMCS and cPanel dashboard. Giving you full control over your clients, your billing, and your data.

No Technical Skills Required

Legacy Groups is a full life-cycle service provider: our team can take care of it all. From server stack design, deployment, and support, we deliver seamless, end-to-end solutions for your business.

On-demand Support

Our partners get free and dedicated engineering support during development. Unless we are asked to interface with the end client directly, engineering support during development is free of charge.

Fully Customizable

Legacy Private Label offers your customers full customization to the server stack based on their needs. Custom configurations are handled by our team from design to implementation.

Private Label vs Other Services

Website Testing Report
Feature Private Label Other Services
Free Development Environment Fully-equipped and ready to use Often not provided
Dedicated Technical Support Throughout development, migration, deployment, and maintenance Often not provided or limited
Revenue Sharing with Developer Partner in your financial growth No revenue sharing
Branding and Customization Your brand front and center Branding limited or not available
Scalability and Flexibility Adapts to your business needs Depends on provider
Integrated Security Measures Top-tier security for peace of mind Varies widely by provider
Market Exclusivity Options Opportunity for niche market targeting Typically not offered
Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting Insights to drive business decisions Often basic or limited
Cost-Effective Pricing Models Designed to maximize your profits Can be expensive without added value
Seamless User Experience Integration Ensures a smooth transition for your clients User experience may vary
Direct Customer Feedback Channel Facilitates better client relationships Not typically provided

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An Engineering Firm at Heart

Legacy Groups Technologies Inc., rooted in engineering excellence, boasts over two decades of experience across a diverse range of industries, including technology, nuclear, space & defense, automotive, and manufacturing. Our founders are not only trained but also licensed Professional Engineers, ensuring the highest standards of quality and technical rigor.

Our engineering team embodies innovation, integrity, and exceptional problem-solving skills, making us the ideal technology partner for your business. Key features that set our engineers apart include their adaptability to evolving technologies, a strong commitment to ethical practices, and a relentless pursuit of delivering cutting-edge solutions. Choose Legacy Groups Technologies Inc. for a partnership that drives success and fosters growth.

Technology Professionals with Over 20 Years Experience 

Legacy Groups Technologies Inc. brings over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, excelling in software and application development, cloud hosting and server architecture, payment processing, and digital asset protection. Our seasoned team of experts collaborates with clients to craft tailor-made solutions that address their unique operational and business requirements. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach, we consistently deliver exceptional results. Trust Legacy Groups Technologies Inc. to be your strategic partner in driving growth and enhancing your digital landscape.

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