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Optimize with Precision: Comprehensive Usability, Security, and Stress Testing for Your Website. Gain Insightful Reporting and Ensure Peak Performance Every Time.

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Precision-Driven Web Testing for Modern Applications

Our service integrates manual assessments and automated testing. We validate aspects such as – but not limited to – frontend consistency on various browsers/devices, verify backend API endpoints, and assess database security. We test server response under varying loads, analyze content delivery rates, and design specific user interaction tests. Our approach provides developers with concise, actionable feedback focusing on accuracy and detail. Our team of engineers is also available to support you with implementing any and all recommended solutions.

Custom Testing Solutions

Every website is unique. Our tailored testing solutions cater to your specific needs and challenges.

Robust Security

Fortify your website against threats. We identify and rectify vulnerabilities, safeguarding your data and reputation.

Peak Performance Assurance

Ensure your website always performs at its best, irrespective of traffic spikes or diverse user actions.

Cross-Platform Consistency

Guarantee a uniform experience across devices and browsers. We ensure your site’s design and functionality stay consistent.

Increased Conversion

With optimized website performance and UX, watch your conversion rates soar and enhance ROI.

Cost Savings

Avoid costly rectifications later. Early detection of issues through our testing saves money and time.

Comprehensive Feedback Loop

Stay in the loop with concise, actionable feedback, empowering your team to make informed development decisions.

Continuous Integration Support

Our testing integrates smoothly with CI/CD pipelines, enhancing release velocity without compromising quality.

In-Depth Cloud Expertise

Proficient in cloud platforms, we optimize testing for hosted apps ensuring peak performance & security.

Website Testing Report

Snippet from Checkpoint Report

Usability Testing

Criteria Status Comments Recommended Resolution
Navigation Ease Passed All menus and sub-menus are easily accessible. No action required.
Accessibility Passed Site meets WCAG 2.1 AA standards, ensuring accessibility. No action required.
Responsiveness Failed Issues noticed with display scaling on tablet screen sizes. Implement responsive design using media queries and flexible grids.

Security Testing

Criteria Status Comments Recommended Resolution
SSL Certificate Passed Valid SSL found. All data transmissions are encrypted. No action required.
SQL Injection Failed Vulnerabilities found against SQL injection attacks. Use parameterized queries and ORM tools to safeguard against SQL injection attacks.
Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Failed Detected potential XSS vulnerabilities. Implement content security policies and sanitize user inputs to prevent XSS.
Authentication & Session Management Failed User sessions are not managed securely. Implement secure session handling with token-based authentication and session timeouts.

Stress Testing

Criteria Status Comments Recommended Resolution
Concurrent Users Passed Website handled 1000 users simultaneously with minimal latency. No action required.
Resource Utilization Failed Memory leaks detected; high CPU utilization. Profiling to detect bottlenecks; refactor code and optimize resource usage.
Data Integrity Failed Data inconsistencies observed under stress. Ensure ACID properties in database transactions; use database replication.

Case Study Observations

Case Study Observations
Case Study A Improved navigation led to a 25% increase in user engagement.
Case Study B Optimized images reduced load times by 40% on mobile devices.

An Engineering Firm at Heart

Legacy Groups Technologies Inc., rooted in engineering excellence, boasts over two decades of experience across a diverse range of industries, including technology, nuclear, space & defense, automotive, and manufacturing. Our founders are not only trained but also licensed Professional Engineers, ensuring the highest standards of quality and technical rigor.

Our engineering team embodies innovation, integrity, and exceptional problem-solving skills, making us the ideal technology partner for your business. Key features that set our engineers apart include their adaptability to evolving technologies, a strong commitment to ethical practices, and a relentless pursuit of delivering cutting-edge solutions. Choose Legacy Groups Technologies Inc. for a partnership that drives success and fosters growth.

Technology Professionals with Over 20 Years Experience 

Legacy Groups Technologies Inc. brings over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, excelling in software and application development, cloud hosting and server architecture, payment processing, and digital asset protection. Our seasoned team of experts collaborates with clients to craft tailor-made solutions that address their unique operational and business requirements. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach, we consistently deliver exceptional results. Trust Legacy Groups Technologies Inc. to be your strategic partner in driving growth and enhancing your digital landscape.

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